Graphic Design is a crucial element of the highly visual communication your business needs to be successful.

Graphic design is a part of your daily life. The creative designers at IC9design convey your message in print, online, and through electric media. From something small like a matchbook all the way up to a huge billboard - we've designed it all.


Look perfect, work perfect.
That's what we strive for.

330+ websites 40+ web applications 100+ professional services 30+ years in business
Graphic Design

Our Primary Specialties

IC9design is a multi-disciplinary studio that creates relevant and memorable design work across many media types.

We specialize in company branding and identity, magazine/publication design, graphical user interfaces, experience design, print ads, banner ads, and interactive design. We started back in the day as a print design company because it wasn't possible to make the internet look as incredible as a printed piece hot off the press.

Boy, have things changed.

Our core expertise is with responsive web design and development, mobile design, and rich media design. Our design projects are 70% web, 15% marketing, 10% interface, and 5% print. And we love it!

Champions Of Design

You want to be a champion, it's our job to make you one. We pride ourselves on coming up with the right combination of color, style, type, layout, placement, spacing, and uniqueness for every design challenge we are faced with.

Our approach is that your design is as unique as your business. This must be presented visually through the clean and professional graphic design of your print and web materials.

Direct Access To Your Creative Designer

One of the many gems of working with IC9design is that the person you talk to is the one working on your project.

We don't hide our designers behind sales reps or project managers. All of our employees work directly with our clients. You can call or email your designer during the entire process.

As each year passes and as every new client comes onboard we evolve as a smarter company. Need proof? We know the best work happens when roadblocks and red tape aren't part of our working relationship. Our employees work without design restrictions - their creativity flows freely.

Your reward? Receiving the most professional and creative graphic design work from IC9design. We're proud of that - you will be too.

Color Makes The World Go 'Round

Think about this for a second: Our lives are organized, structured, and directed by colors. Red means stop, green is go. We live by colors and must obey them or things go horribly wrong.

So we can honestly say "Colors run our life." Now if color is THAT important, why would you trust a second rate company with it? Always hire a professional graphic design company to create your visual materials. In the long run, you'll be thankful.

We know that your best friends, cousins, nephew just graduated from college with a design degree and can make you a logo for 50 bucks. We also know first-hand the quality of that design because you'll be asking us to redesign it in a few months.

The old adage is true - You get what you pay for.
Especially when it comes to graphic design work.
So choose wisely, choose IC9design.